Sunday, September 15, 2013


     Tonight I am going to talk about the color yellow. As a small child I hated the color yellow, I thought it was too bright and besides my favorite thing at the time was Halloween. Halloween and bright yellow go together just about as much as cheddar cheese and oranges (which believe me is not a pleasant taste). There are a lot of things about yellow I used to focus on, like it's loudness. Sometimes it seems fake in an aging plastic sort of way. Sometimes people try to call me Franny. The word itself "Franny" causes a fragile, cracked and ugly shade of yellow to surface in my head when I say it. Maybe when I am old and grey and cracked and yellow I will let people call me Franny. But lately I have found the other half of yellow. Yellow is the color of honey, it is a color that can be refracted and sharp like beating sunlight. Yellow can also drip into soft buttery  pools of light from a streetlamp at night. Yellow light can spill through window shades in smooth lines that spread and warm your skin. Yellow is the sharp scent of lemon and the creamy taste of custard. And bright, sunflower, Van Gogh yellow is what it feels like to smile.

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